I’m Sari…………….So Sari……….

Question: Why do Indian women have such great posture and move with such grace?
Answer: To keep their clothes on!


Yay, I did it! I finally got the guts to wear my first sari, and I wasn’t sorry, lol. I had some expert help in the wrapping from my friend and neighbor, Renu. Getting in and out of the car was a bit of a trick, but otherwise everything stayed nicely in place, folded and tucked where it was supposed to be.
photo (31)
I chose a special family occasion to take the plunge. This is a wedding reception for the daughter of Nissan’s cousin, Remini. The wedding actually took place last week down south in Kerala, and they came back to Delhi to have another reception here for friends and family who couldn’t attend the wedding.

Another beautiful princess, Pranita will be moving to the UK next week with her new handsome husband Tom, where he is working. We will be SURE to visit.
photo 1
We all stood in line to take our turn to present our gifts and our blessings to the new bride and groom and have our photos taken with them on a fabulously decorated and lit stage. We then were treated to a lovely dinner where Nissan was able to catch up with some old childhood friends. Wonderful evening!

photo (32) photo (30)

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