Lotsa Laksa!

2013-09-29 16.38.19


On our way out of Singapore, my sweetie happens to mention to me in the cab to the airport that we are a few minutes early and therefore should find a place in the airport to have some Laksa.  The spicy curry-based noodle soup with prawns is very popular in Asia, especially in Malaysia and Singapore, and he didn’t want me to leave town without having tried it.

Our friendly cab driver overhears this and says, “You have time, I take you to Katong Laksa.  Best Laksa.  Very famous.  I drop you off, I wait for you, don’t worry.”

We are very appreciative and decide that with service like that, this guy needs to have some Laksa too.  So the three of us – my sweetie, Taxi Boy, and I – sit down to have some AMAZING world-famous Laksa in this hole-in-the-wall place that sports pictures on the wall of customers Anthony Bourdain and Samantha Brown of Food Network fame.

And yes, that’s his real name (sort of).  When we asked him what his name is he said, “Boy (I thought for a second that he had said Boyd)……….people call me Taxi Boy.”  That kind of reminded me of James Bond.  You know, when he says “Bond………….James Bond.”

Thanks Taxi Boy!!